Menoku currently supports most Unix-based systems and all 32-bit Windows platforms. It requires Trolltech's Qt libraries version 4.0 or greater.

Only the most up-to-date files are available for download here. For older versions, check out the SourceForge download page.


You must have Qt version 4 installed on your computer to compile Menoku. Check out the Trolltech website for details. This source package is known to compile and work under Windows (using MinGW) and under Linux.

Binaries (Windows)

The Windows binary version of Menoku is statically linked so you do not need to have Qt installed on your system. You will, however, need the MinGW Runtime dll which which is included in the menoku zip file. Make sure that mingwm10.dll is either in the same directory as menoku.exe or installed globally in C:\Windows\System. If in doubt, just save both files to the same directory. That should be good enough.

Binaries (Linux)

None yet available.

Don't see your distribution here? Help out Menoku and make a binary package that will work on your system! Drop me an email if you're interested.