New version released (minor bugfixes) - (03:25AM 02/10/06)

A few bugs involving drag-and-drop were still around for version 0.1.0. I knew about them and I thought I'd fixed them, but apparently not. If you were having problems with icons not showing up or Menoku mysteriously crashing when dragging cells around, try upgrading. For my next release, I hope to have support for dragging windows links and .desktop files onto menoku, as well as support for the ico file format (nifty in Linux, crucial in Windows). Unfortunately, I don't really have spare at the moment, so it'll take a while for these to come about. If you'd like to help the progress of this project, please drop me an email!

New website and first release! - (08:12PM 01/28/06)

After a long but productive winter break, I'm proud to say that Menoku 0.1.0 is ready to go. It's fully functional and already has all of its key features (it works and is easy enough to configure), but it still needs improvement! There are lots of new features I'd love to add, and there's certainly room for improved performance as well. If you would like to help out the Menoku project in any way, drop me an email!