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4Int. 5Mult. 6
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Here's how your Menoku menu might look once you configure it. The window is divided into nine sections, or "cells", that each have a name, like "Development" or "Games". Each of these cells can hold up to 9 icons and each of these icons can either launch an application or open a new menu. Submenus are marked with a small [+] symbol, to show that if you select them, you'll get a whole new spread of up to 81 icons. The long button labeled ">" on the right will open up a side panel that lets you edit your Menoku menu and configure various settings.

To pick an icon from one of these cells, you would press the corresponding key on your numpad to choose a cell and then do the same thing to pick an icon from that cell (The diagram to the left shows how your numpad keys would correspond to the menu above). So, for example, to start firefox you would type 4 and then 1. If you accidentally mistype, you can just type 0 to deselect a cell or go back to the previous menu. Notice how the Games and Applications menus have such a large icon? Menoku can optionally let a cell containing just one icon be taken over by that one icon. That way, you don't have to select the cell and then select the only icon within it; to enter the Games menu, you would just type 8.